troy lowndes -t/as

An experienced IT professional with 11+ years experience in IT and Financial Services.

I have a diverse working background where, unlike the majority of my peers, left school after year 10. Since my early days as an apprentice carpenter & mechanic, I’ve traveled extensively, run one of the busiest bars in London, managed large-scale projects for a mechanical contractor, designed and developed websites. I also progressed to a senior IT role working in Financial Services.

My working life has been my university and my career journey demonstrates my ability to learn quickly and adapt to any situation. I work hard to create and make the most of opportunities and consistently exceed expectations no matter what the challenge.

IT Project Management
Technical Operations Management
Business Solutions and Mid-Range
Systems Integration / Migrations
Systems Infrastructure Management / Cloud Technologies
Web Design & Management
Disaster Recovery (DR) & Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Premium Funding & any related interfaces (FundML, XML)
Vendor Management